Birth of Yeshua at Sukkot

One of the most common criticisms of the Messianic lifestyle is our rejection of Christian holidays such as Christmas and Easter. “After all,” they ask, “if the holidays¬†are about Jesus, how could they be bad?”

Although well-meaning Christians can find deep fulfillment in celebrating holidays like Christmas and Easter, we choose to honor and celebrate the holy appointed times that G-d designed and gave to us in the Torah. Interestingly enough, Yeshua’s life and ministry involved the biblical holy days in some remarkable ways.

There are myriad opinions regarding the timing of the birth of Yeshua. Although we can’t prove it with 100% certainty, there is significant evidence pointing to the idea that he was born during Sukkot. Thematically, this would make sense since Sukkot is the Feast of Tabernacles and Yeshua is said to have “tabernacled” with us. D. Thomas Lancaster of FFOZ* wrote an excellent summary of these evidences which you can read here.

Be blessed and chag sukkot sameach!


*Beth Sar Shalom does not necessarily endorse or agree with all theological positions held by FFOZ.

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